The annual tuition fee for the school year 2019/2020 is 99.000 kuna, depending on the method of payment::

  • 99.000 kn in three instalments: 40.000 kn by June 21 2019, 29.500 kn by October 21,2019 and 29.500 kn by January 21, 2020;
  • 5% discount for advance payment of the full tuition until May 31, 2019;
  • Boarding Fee amounts to 170.000 kunas per year and includes residence, uniforms, nutrition, books, sports and educational programmes.
  • When registering, an entry fee of HRK 7.700 will be paid once and in one instalment.

    In case of late payment of tuition, the school has the right to request the payment of the remaining amount of the annual tuition fee or to terminate the contract at the expense of the student, with the obligation of paying the remaining tuition fee.

    Notice to parents about late payment of tuition fee amounts cost HRK 800 per notification.

    Families with multiple children enrolled in our school are eligible for tuition discounts:

    • with two enrolled children, the family has a 15% discount for the younger child;
    • with three enrolled children, the family has a discount of 15% for the second child, and for the third child 30%;
    • In the case of four or more enrolled children, the school will individually approve the discounts.

    Additional costs not included in tuition fee:

    1. Daily transport (from / to school)
    2. Laptops for students
    3. Duplicate certificates and other translations
    4. Expenses for excursions
    5. CAIE Exams (IGCSE, AS, A-level)